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January 9, 2020

Dear Jarka, dear Ondrej,

we would like to thank you and your agency a lot for this wonderful 3 and something days we had in your backcountry! We realize this morning how lucky we were with the weather.

We wish you lots of success, health and happiness for 2020


Marc and Caroline

September 10, 2019

We are back after a very successful trip. My Facebook is full of very positive comment from the passengers, like "Adventure of my lifetime". Thank you so much once again to help me on these tours!

Best regards from Iceland


August 26, 2019

Hi Ondrej!

It was nice to hear from you. Great picture! I was happy to write that review on TripAdvisor because you really did do a wonderful job. Meanwhile, I've been telling everyone how wonderful it is to make a visit to Slovakia.

Let's keep in touch, and know that you are always welcome to visit us in New York or California.

Best wishes,

July 10, 2019

Shalom Jarka;

Finally we are back home.
Thank u and Peter again for everything it was great.

Ilan & Adi


July 3, 2019


I want to thank you and Ondrej for a wonderful experience visiting Slovakia and the Spis Region. We very much enjoyed the trip, especially seeing Levoca, Zavada, and Uloza. I feel so much more informed about the lives of my ancestors there and Slovakia in general. Ondej's knowledge of Slovak history and the region was quite outstanding and helpful. I also think it highly likely that the brother and sister (Repazsky's) that opened the church on Zavada are distant cousins. Thank you for arranging that! The brother built his house there on the site of his grandparents house which was only a couple of houses away from the home site that they believed my Great-great-grandmother lived in (Zavada 17). They were both very nice people. We would not have been able to communicate without Ondej's presence and interest in the conversation. I could tell that my father very much enjoyed the experience as well.

I submitted a very positive rating on Trip Advisor and very much hope to come back to the Spis Region sometime soon. I will encourage other family/friends here to visit and to use Rajec Travel.

Best regards,

June 18, 2019

Dear Ondrej,

many thanks for all you have made our time in Slovakia great. We will take with us some wonderful memories.

Desma, Roslyn & Jeanette



Dear Jarka,

I cannot express in words how much we enjoy the tour. From the first minute we met Monika at the airport till the last minute after ten days we came back to airport to fly home. All ten days from morning meeting lovely Monika till night we enjoy each moment starting the comfortable van for twelve people, the places we saw, the sites that were organized so perfectly. For example, when we were at Paradise park in Slovakia, Peter, the special guide for mountains, was waiting for us with mountain sticks for each one. The wonderful explanation of Monika about every site, so much knowledge she gave us in pleasant and interesting way. We saw many sites in Slovakia and Poland. Every site was organized with local guide that always waited to our group on time. At the lovely restaurants that Monika took us always patiently explain us the menu and also to the waiter. Our group enjoyed the trip. We are already missing the wonderful autumn colors of Slovakia.
Thank you Rajec tours for planning and organizing everything to the best.

Iris and all of our friends, Israel



Dear Jarka,

We had a wonderful few days in Slovakia and great trip to Eastern Europe. As I have started to go through my photos I wondered if Ondrej can send me the photos he took of us, particularly in the Slovak Paradise as I was too busy hanging onto ladders to get any good pictures.

As I mentioned to Ondrej I hope to lead a hiking trip in 2018 or 2019 to the Tatras and look forward to working with you.


Dan S., USA



It was a really good trip, we're telling everyone to come to Slovakia for the beauty of the place!
Krakow was also lovely - coming home less so, but that's holidays!


Gideon A., UK



Dear Ondrej,

Once again, we would like to thank you for the FANTASTIC tours!!!! We enjoyed your company and are happy to have had the opportunity of seeing so much of your beautiful country. Hopefully, we will go back at another time. Joshua had a lot of fun with you too!!

Glenn, Angela and Joshua J., USA



Dear Jarka/Ondrej,

Just a short note to thank you for organising our transfers last week. As usual everything was perfect.
Thanks again.

Michael L., Ireland



Hi Jarka and Ondrej, we are home now and settled in from a truly remarkable and wonderful acation! I am ready now to follow up on the plans from the visit to Sol.

Thank you so very much for the support you have given to us throughout the arrangements and visits to Sol. The last visit was very meaningful to us.

Best Regards,

Susan C., USA


Hello Ondrej:

We miss you already!  We hope you get a well deserved rest today. I wanted to tell you how much the tour meant to me.
To see Slovakia, her history, culture, traditions and people, through the eyes of you, Ondrej, who we found to be knowledgeable and passionate about his country, instilled in me a love also for this country.  We were very lucky to have you.  You were tireless in your commitment.
Learning and gaining a better insight into Slovakia was special to me, especially the Orava and Spis areas.  I know my dad's spirit was with me.  You kind of guided three people.  Dad would have loved Slovakia, of that I have no doubt.
Thank you so much.  It was a beautiful and emotional experience for me.  Maybe someday we will meet again, but if not, there is a special place for you in my heart.  Keep in touch.   

Dakujem and Boh Zehnaj, 

Terri  H., Canada



Dear Monika

I wanted to send you a very, very special thank you for the wonderful guide service your provided for us.  It was, by far, the best tour given by the most amazing guide with the best knowledge EVER. We had a super time and could not have seen nor done all the incredible things we did without you.   We had lots of fun too.

Please let Peter know we appreciated his driving skills.

Ciao, Pat, USA



Hello Jarka,

I hope it is not the last time... but think I have spent all my travel money & may have to stay in Australia from now on. But I have wonderful memories of Slovakia & Poland.

Best wishes

June, Australia



Hello Ondrej,

Annie & I have just been discussing the highlights of our trip.  We felt that your trip was special and we enjoyed interacting with you; the discussions; the politics; the history.  Well done.

Regards to Jarka too.

Philip, Singapore



Hello Ondrej,

Thanks very much for the song. We did a 9km hike at Strbske Pleso yesterday and a 11.5 km hike from Hrebienok to Skalnate Pleso and down to Tatranska Lominica today so our bones and muscles are a little weary.
Thanks again for a wonderful and informative day.




Hello Jarka, André

Thank you for all, your organisation, your kindness and disponsibility, when we had questions. Thank André too, it had been a pleasure to spend time with you and to receive your explanations about Tatras and way of life in Slovaquia.


Isabelle et Marc, France


Thanks so much. We all had a great day. Have a great summer and hope to travel with you again sometime. I have lots of contacts and friends at home that travel and will pass on your website to all I can if any are coming your way!!

Shane, Canada



Hello to you all, we would like to thank you for our transfers from Zakopane to Poprad and return. Our driver was a lovely, polite and interesting man who made our journey special with all the interesting information he was telling us. Slovakia is a beautiful country and we visited many stunning towns and countryside. We have plans to return to see more. Thank you again and pass on our best wishes to our driver.    

Maureen and Ian, UK


Ondrej Peter and Jarka

Thanks a lot for this week in the Tatra mountains.
You are now in our hearts and we´ll never forget you.


Patrick, France



Hello Jarka (and Peter and Ondrej):
I just don't even know where to start...so let me just say a 'HUGE THANK-YOU' to you and your family.  We girls from Cool, California have been home two weeks now and we're still processing our adventures in Central Europe.  (We aren't doing so well on 'processing' our 3,000+ photos!)  In short, the highlight of our five week adventure was the Tatry experience, specifically the relationship we developed with Ondrej.  I'm not l00% sure but I believe that Ondrej knew of our interest in the history of that region and his personal connection with that history.  The places he took us to and the personal stories he shared gave us insight into an important time in our lifetime history.  We were able to, as we say, 'connect the dots'.  You should be, and I'm sure you and Peter are, very proud of your son.  Ondrej was very professional and yet, he seems to have a personal sense of what we really wanted to experience.  Our only hike in the Low Tatras was FANTASTIC!  (Rain was a major factor.)  Waking up on our hike morning, the skies were finally clear and we could see the snow on the mountain ridge.  We hiked in ice, had a herd of (5) chamois in site the whole time, and reached the ridge as the sun was melting the ice covered rock trail.  When we turned around, 360 degrees we just couldn't believe our eyes.  Even the time spent at the Chopok Restaurant and cable car ride down was an adventure not to be forgotten. This site will be etched in my memory for as long as I have a memory!  (The other two days that we couldn't hike due to rain, we bused into Liptovsky Mikulas, experienced the Thermal Aqua Park, walked around the old town square and even hitch-hiked a ride (from a local man who had seen us going around in circles on foot) and offered to take us  to the local shopping center for shopping.  
OMG, I could go on an on as I love 'reliving' this experience.  When I do get the pictures from Mary and Kathy, I'll send you a disc and you have my permission to use any for publicity.
I just wanted to make contact and let you know how much I truly respected your tour business and thank you again for putting up with us three ole ladies from California.  (I will be writing to Ondrej soon.)

Joan, California, USA



Hello Jarka,
I would like to thank you personally Jarka for assisting us as well, in making the trip from Krakow to Budapest, such a pleasure for all three of us. Enjoyed seeing Zakopane, as well as the countryside throughout your country, Slovakia, was wonderful. Your homeland is beautiful, and we noticed, extremely clean. Ondrej was polite, well informed, careful driver, fun and generally, we simply enjoyed his company,   We hope he enjoyed us as much.
Keep well, healthy and happy and I hope your family business will continue to flourish and bring pleasure to many people.


Kathy, California, USA



Hi Jarka

Lovely to hear from you. We hope you are both well. Our trip with you and Peter was one of our highlights. When we left you we had a few days in Krakow which we loved and then we went to Scotland for the wedding which was a lot of fun.

Marion and Craig, Australia




Hi Ondrej,

On behalf of all the Cork gang thank you again for everything you and Peter did for us while we were in Slovakia. Everyone really enjoyed the trip and hopefully we will return. I have written a review in tripadvisor for you, it is in the pending state and should appear shortly.

William, Ireland



Hi Ondrej!

Great to hear from you! We are just back in work today. It is painful enough :p We had a very relaxing time for the rest of our holidays. How was the Slovakian Paradise trip?
Thanks for sending on those photos. I have a few on my camera too. I plan to upload them tonight and I'll send them on. And we are also going to write the TripAdvisor review :D




Good Afternoon Jarka

We thoroughly enjoyed our transfer from Krakow to Budapest although a little longer due to the public holiday in Poland.  We were particularly happy with the town of Banska Stiavnica and have just forwarded the Newsletter of the micro-brewery to friends who have a micro-brewery in the UK.  The transfer to Auschwitz was “very professional” - I think enjoyable the wrong word to use in this context.
Thank you again - I think we would like to return in winter next time!


Nicola, Australia



Hi all, I wanted to send my belated thank you for all of your assistance, guidance, good conversations, and laughs as well. We all had a terrific trip!

Budapest was an enjoyable city to explore. We even got to Seycheni for our thermal baths. Munich was a bit disappointing, it was much more commercial and very busy. The Black Forest seemed less quaint. I think we would have been happier to have ended our trip in Budapest, however, the girls did get to do one of those Rope Bridge, zip line adventure activities. They both thoroughly enjoyed that and the waterfall in Triberg was beautiful as were the walking and hiking trails.

Best regards from all of us,

Raquel, USA



Hi Monika

We had a wonderful time with you, my parents were very impressed with the company!

Hannah, UK


Dear Ondrej,

Thanks for your email. Thanks once again for your outstanding transfers. We are recommending you to all our friends. Thanks also for the reference to the story about the escape from Auschwitz.

Kind regards also to Jarka.

Richard and Sharon, USA


Dear Ondrej,

Thank you for an excellent transfer and for the links!  We will follow up on your suggestions. Hope you will come to Utah sometime to ski.

Joro, Utah, USA


Hi, Monika –

Jane and I have returned to the USA.  It is always good to be home, but we had an inspiring, memorable trip to Eastern and Central Europe, highlighted by the week we spent with you and Peter.  You all provided a fantastic tour!  We saw and did so much, and through your efforts, got a small taste of the life and history of Slovakia and the Czech Republic.  You are an amazing guide – extremely knowledgeable, totally comfortable and enjoyable to travel with, and very flexible in arranging and modifying the itinerary.  Peter is also a delight, a superb driver, and an excellent mountain guide.

Thank you so much for a wonderful week!

Ernie, Florida, USA


Dear Ondrej/Jarka,

On behalf of our group I want to thank you for your arrangements last week. Once again everything went perfectly. A special thanks to Vlado particularly for his transfer yesterday.
Thanks again and I expect that we will be back next year.

Kind regards,

Michael, Ireland


Hi Ondrej

The trip was great thanks. Very intense with some very strange coincidences of meeting complete strangers who had connections to our family. I'll happily review you guys now. It was a real pleasure doing business with you. I was very impressed!

Take care,



Hello Jarka,

We have a great time and appreciated your kind thought of all the arrangement having Monika with us on the first day. Peter is very cheerful and had sense of humor.  

Thanks & Rgds,

Shiau, Singapore


 Hello Ondrej

Thank you very much for the pictures, it’s a really good report of our week in Slovakia. As I said it to Jarka, all of us were very happy. Bravo for ski-touring and also for the visit of the castle and the villages (you are a very good guide!) I stop my mail here because my English is too bad!!


Armelle, France

Thank you very much, Ondrej for those very nice snaps. They remind us such good days spend with three of you!!!
It was a good experience to spend that week in your very friendly country.

Très amicalement

PG et Barbara Z, France


Dear Jarka and Ondrej,

It´s good to be home but memories of our wonderful time in Central Europe will linger for a long time! We wanted to give everyone at the agency special thanks for taking care of every detail so our trip was most comfortable and enjoyable!
Ondrej, we were sorry to miss you and hope that you are feeling well now. Monika was a perfect substitute and we loved her candor, wit and intelligence. We enjoyed Peter´s friendliness and generosity, too.
We have already recommended your agency to friends of ours that have relatives in Slovakia so the chain of travelers from Fort Collins, Colorado may continue!
Thank you so very much!!

Warm regards,

Susan and Dean, Sandra and Dale, USA



Dear Jarka,
We had an excellent transfer with Ondrej yesterday! His valuable comments and explanations were greatly appreciated. We will try and spend more time in Slovakia on our next trip to Europe.
Thank you and Ondrej!

Kind regards,

Helga, Dough and Oliver


You should make sure never to be “tagged” with the same group of Irish women twice!!

Slan agus beannacht

Nichola, Ireland


Dear Jarka, Peter, Ondrej,
Thank you all so much for a wonderful experience in the High Tatras and touring your beautiful villages, other scenic parks, river trip, learning your history. You have been very flexible and supportive and we really appreciate all from the three of you! We will refer our friends to you.

Love and hugs,

Toryn and Rick, Bill and Birte, Vicki and Tim


Dear Ondrej,
Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us. You made it a very interesting trip. Best wishes for the future.

Thanks for a great week.

Connie, Catherine, Messa, Marion, Barbara, Duane, Mairead, Ireland



Thank you for such an amazing trip. Peter is a very thoughtful guide. We really enjoyed it.

Thank you.

Ya Lin


Hi Jarka, Hi Peter.

Krakow was good, but we decided that one more day would have been better and we should have taken the tour as well. Also, we probably should have gone to Auschwitz as well. Well, hopefully next time! Wanted to thank you again for all your amazing help, we had a great time and an unforgettable experience.
We would be recommending you to everyone who is travelling that way and let´s try to stay in touch.

Thank you again.

Irene and John, USA


Dear Ondrej/Jarka,

Just a short note to express our thanks for your arrangements which as usual were perfectly executed. All were pleased with the experience. We will certainly return next year. Thanks again.

Kind regards,

Michael, Ireland


Hello Jarka, Petr and Ondrej,

Hope you are all doing well. We have recovered from our trip and are back into our daily routine. I would like to thank you for the excellent service and hope to see you again sometime in the future.

Best wishes,



Dobrý večer, Jarka!

Dakujem vel’mi pekne! Moj zájazd bol výborný. Monika vediela histórii vel’mi dobrý a ona je vyborná sprievodca. Ona pomôcla mňa so mojé slovenské. Ono bolo vel’mi, vel’mi dobrý íst‘do Tatry (Mala Studena Dolina) a do Levocý a do Marianský Horý. Ak pridem do Slovenskó, dúfam, že pridem do zájazdu so Rajec Tour ešte raz.Dakujem vel’mi pekne pre dobrý dňes a dobrý zájazd!
I would be happy to recommend Rajec Tours to American guests considering a tour. Thank you again for customizing a tour that covered the diverse highlights and activities that I wanted to do.

Many, many thanks again!

Vicki, USA



I did want to write to thank you for providing such great service, getting us from Poprad to Krakow on Thursday, October 18. Peter was an excellent driver and Monica was a great tour guide for us as we traveled the countryside and into the city of Krakow. They were both extraordinarily helpful to us and turned a part of our journey that I thought would be a nightmare train ride into a lovely car trip with friends.
You have a great operation and an amazing staff and if we, or any of our friends, are in Central Europe in the future, please be assured that we will be in touch!

Thanks again for a great trip!

Carol, USA


Hi Jarka,

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you guys for a fantastic trip. Monika and Peter were fabulous guides to your lovely country and took us to places I could have never seen. Please thank them both for me.

Until next time,

Ken C., USA


Hi Ondrej

I am very glad to have some news from you. Thanks for nice photos. The presents that I chose with your help were excellent, especially slivovica (the bottle is already empty). I and my colleagues are very appreciate for your excursion in the Tatras. I also hope to meet again. I am thinking to visit the Tatras with my family the next year -so beautiful they are, that my wife is dreaming to see them.

Edo, Latvia


Hello Ondrej

This note is far overdue! We four from Minneapolis. Minnesota USA wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our trip across Slovakia on September 23. The drive far exceeded our expectations in that Slovakia was very beautiful and modern and the companionship with you as driver could not have been more pleasant.

Thank you again for the pleasant and safe trip across Slovakia from Krakow to Budapest. And best wishes with the business.

Tom D., Steve B., Anita D. and Tom S., USA


Hello Jarka, Peter and Ondrej,

We are back home and just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful holiday.
Each day we were treated to wonderful hiking experiences, friendly lodges and great meals at the end of the trail.
We particularly enjoyed our hike with you up and over Priecne Col; we probably would not have taken on this challenge without your kind support.
Please let us know if you would like us to provide a recommendation for RAJEC travel.

Thanks again,

Doug and Jindra G. USA


I just wanted to express my thank you to Peter, our driver, and Monica, our American translater and guide. It was a most enjoyable journey for all of us. Monica told us so much about Slovakia, Poland and their people. We really appreciate your kind people and again thank you for making our trip safe and enjoyable. I would recommend your company to all.

Florence B., USA


Ms. Jarka Rajecova

We wish to express many thanks for your arrangement of the wooden churches around Bardejov and his nice and warm-hearted guide by Mr. Ondrej.
We come back home at end of last month, after visiting several countries in mid-east Europe. But the tour around Bardejov was especially impressive and unforgettable.

Thank you again Ms. Jarka and please transfer our appreciation to Mr. Ondrej.

Makio I., Masako I., Tomoyuki N., Kyoko N., Japan


Dear Monika,

I did find the Český Grunt store that you told me about, and safely brought home three kinds of jam and some meruňkovice. After Prague we went to Dresden and Berlin. I think it was in Berlin that we realized just how beautiful Prague had been. Venice, Vienna, Prague -- everything was prettier than Berlin! I found Berlin emotionally difficult. The history there was so much more recent than Schwarzenbergs and John of Nepomuk.
We are already wondering where to go next, and what language it might call for. I hope we can be half as lucky again in finding guides. You and Peter made the Czech Republic the best part of our trip.


Kate Y., USA



Thanks for your help. We had an amazing day.

Don K., USA


Hi Ondrej,

We arrived back in the US on 20 October. We totally enjoyed spending the day (7 October) with you at Spis Castle and Levoca. It was great to hear all the amazing facts about those sites and Slovakia also.

Thanks again,

Jim and Irene, USA



Thank you for your services to us. Ondrej did a great job, he was good company and very informative.

Michael, Australia



Hello Jarka, Peter and Monika!

We are back in the states. We had a fantastic trip and the Tatras were definitely one of our favorites. Thank you so much for all of your help. We really appreciate it. We loved the ride to Budapest with Peter. You have a wonderful family business. So now it’s back to work until our next adventure.

Take care, be healthy and happy,

Marion and Mike, USA


Ondrej was great ! We had the best time on our tour and he did a great job. We hope to send future visitors your way.

Elizabeth, USA



Dear Jarka,

Yesterday, we had a meeting with our clients and they are very happy with their stay in Slovakia. They have enjoyed the trek very much and they have fond memories. We would like to thank you for the collaboration and we hope to contact you again in a near future.

Kind regards and see you soon,

Paco, Spain



Hello Peter and Jarka,

Just an email to tell that my clients have been very satisfied with your services. We will talk in autumn to prepare some programmes for next year.

Thanks a lot,

Javier, Spain



Hello Jarka, Peter and Ondrej,

We are back home and just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful holiday. Each day we were treated to wonderful hiking experiences, friendly lodges and great meals at the end of the trail.

We particularly enjoyed our hike with you up and over Priecne Col; we probably would not have taken on this challenge without your kind support.

Thanks again,

Doug and Jindra, USA



Hi Jarka,

Joe and I just want to thank you and Ondrej for such an easy, organised and stress-free travel experience from Krakow to Budapest. Ondrej was such a nice guy. Very knowledgable, friendly and flexible person, we enjoyed hearing his stories and learning more about European history.

So, thanks again!

Sarah & Joe, Australia



Dear Jarka Rajecova,

I wanted to let you know that my mother, aunt, sister and I all had a wonderful two day tour, from Krakow to Budapest. The towns, villages, mountains and countryside we visited were beautiful and we felt that we enjoyed some small insight into the fascinating Slovakian history and culture. Certainly we did our best to taste lots of local cuisine.

Much of the pleasure of our trip was down to your excellent organisation and the many good suggestions you made, ranging from places to visit to where we might wish to stay A special thank you to our driver, Peter, and our guide, Monika, for whom nothing was too much trouble. They ensured that we had a safe, educational and enjoyable trip to your beautiful country.

Kind regards,

Gerard Sanders, UK



Hello Jarka,

I just wanted to write and let you know what a pleasure it was to have Ondrej with us those three days. He is a lovely man and we all enjoyed his company, his sense of humour and his way of sharing his love for Slovakia. My family were grateful for all he did to help make our trip to Medzev both meaningful and memorable. I will certainly recommend you to my friends.

Best regards,

Denise, Canada



Dear Jarka

I wanted to thank you for a most superb trip to the Tatras and Slovakia. My Dad and I had a wonderful time and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Please could you pass on our thanks to Peter, the Driver and to Monika our Guide; I must just say how impressed we were with Monica, she really was amazing. She knew so much and was so attentive and her English was fantastic! Thank you once again, we cannot thank you enough for what was a first rate trip. We shall treasure these fond memories forever.

Much thanks again

Jeremy, UK


December 8th, 2010

Hi Monika,

Thanks so much for organising the trip for me. I had a fantastic day & Ondrej was the perfect guide. Couldn’t have possibly completed it without his help.

Till next time, mind yourself & Happy Christmas :)

Mark, Ireland


October 3rd, 2010

Hi Ondrej,

Just want to tell you how much we enjoyed our day with you. Nice job being patient with all my questions. We would have left Slovakia clueless unless we’d met you.

Thanks a million

Alice and Perrin, USA


October 2nd, 2010

Dear Jarka & Ondrej,

I want to say how much we enjoyed our travels with Rajec, and thank you for the organisation of our various days. The drivers we had were careful and considerate and always helpful with our luggage. Ondrej was outstanding and we so enjoyed all the information, history, culture and knowledge he shared with us. He knew so much about the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary as we travelled in those countries, but we especially enjoyed our 2 days in Slovakia as he displayed his love and passion for his home country.

Thank you once again

Barbara, Australia


September 6th, 2010

Dear Monika

I trust all is well with you there and that the attached pictures might bring back some memories. We are back home now and savouring all the memories of a wonderful trip, greatly enhanced by your contribution. Thank you again for your wonderful commentary.

Wishing you all the best in the days ahead.

Graeme and Dawn, Australia


September 6th, 2010

Hi Jarka & Ondrej

Just to leave you know we got back home safely. Thank you again for everything, we all really enjoyed the trip. The snow was an added bonus of us, we just do not get any in Ireland. It also means when we return we still have peaks to conquer. Everyone was blown away with the walk through the gorge, again something that we do have at home. Even the traffic jams were better than the ones we have in Ireland. Of course the quality and the price of the beer was also excellent.

Ondrej, as special thanks again for everything. Your knowledge and professionalism really added to the trip. With you we safely got through all the walks and we also learned a lot about Slovakia.

Keep up the good work and I hope we will return again soon.

William and gang, Ireland


August 2nd, 2010

Hi Jarka!

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful time we had in Austria, Slovakia and Poland. Ondrej was delightful! We enjoyed having him driving and guiding us the whole way.

Best regards,

Jan, USA


June 23rd, 2010

Hi Jarka,

It was a delightful trip with Ondrej. He was a wonderful travelling companion and excellent driver. Hope he got home safely. We’ll certainly recommend your agency to others.


Maureen, Canada


June 4th, 2010

Dear Jarka and Ondrej,

I have recently returned home from my travels and would like to send you an email to say how impressed I was with the private tour that Ondrej took myself and family on. I am so grateful to how wonderful Ondrej was to us, his driving, personal stories, hours of translating, and his kindness really made our trip to Slovakia the best I think it could have been.

Thank you so much for helping me organize this private tour and please pass on my gratitude to Ondrej.

Melissa, USA


September 9th, 2009

Hi Ondrej,

We loved our time in Slovakia. I am encouraging my brothers and sisters to make the trip as well. We were very tired when we got home! We really covered a lot of territory on the trip.

I would love to return to Slovakia some day. I enjoyed the lack of large crowds and the friendly people. Thanks again for everything that you did for us. It was a fabulous trip.

Best wishes,

Mary Dzurik, USA


July 2nd, 2009

Hi Ondrej,

Jerry and I really enjoyed our time in Slovakia with you as our guide -- in spite of the rain. It was great fun to get to know you a little bit and to learn about your amazing country. You did a superb job! The scenery was really fantastic, especially the wild flowers, dark forests, and open fields. The group we were with was most compatible and we all had a great time discussing various topics. The final dinner on the boat cruising the Danube was a great way to end the trip.

I hope that our paths will cross again sometime.

Dick, USA


June 13th, 2009

Dear Jarka and team,

just to say we have arrived back in England safely after a really good holiday in Slovakia, thank you for the excellent service you provided.

Kind regards,

Colin R & Keith S., UK


April 20th, 2009

Hi Ondrej,

Back in work today after a lovely break away. Just wanted to say thanks again for your assistance and time last week - it is always nice to meet you and Mairead was delighted to get her shoe fixed (we would never have found that place!!). The books are also excellent and I have started reading
them - hope to have a few Slovak phrases ready for next visit.

Kind regards,

Gerry F., Ireland


April 17th, 2009

Dear Jarka,

I wanted to take a minute to let you know how pleased we were with Monica and Peter. While it was a grueling ride with many "traffic/road" issues, they handled everything beautifully. We felt well taken care of and they were a pleasure to be with. Monica provided lots of wonderful history and stories along the way and it really helped to pass the time. We arrived in Budapest weary, but safe.

Please pass along our thanks to both of them.


Lynn L., USA


September 20th, 2008

We have recently used Rajec Travel on a rather complicated trip to Slovakia. We are seasoned travellers, and have been throughout the world, encountering both excellent and mediocre guides in the past. This trip was expertly arranged and coordinated by them, and is one of the best experiences we have had in travel. Jarka was instrumental in making vital contacts in small villages prior to our arrival so that we could successfully accomplish our goals (searching for information of our ancestors), with minimal aggravation. We are truly indebted to her for those efforts, which exceeded the call of duty. Our trip was a huge success!

Harvey G., USA


September 18th, 2008

Dear Jarka,

Our trip to Slovakia was wonderful, mostly because of your excellent arrangements. We are most grateful for your extra efforts in getting us a family tree - we realize it was a lot of trouble to have to research the family, and make the appointments for us to meet the current occupants.
We can't say enough good things about Monica. She's a scholar, linguist, and has the patience of a saint. We've told all our friends about our great trip, and your very special travel agency.

Best regards, and again, many thanks.

Martha H., USA


July 6th, 2008

Hello Ondrej,

we had a great time on the rest of the trip. You are right about Slovakia being a highlight. Not only was the scenery superb but having a guide who knew so much about the history and social life added very greatly to our enjoyment. We wished we could have stayed much longer.

All the best,

Maureen and Peter O., Australia


June 9th, 2008

Dear Jarka!

We really had a very exciting and wonderful trip. Compliments to you and Monika. I’ve been telling about our experience to my friends and I warmly recommend your kind and professional services.

All the best

Leah G., Israel


June 29th, 2008

Dear Jarka and Ondrej,

we really enjoyed our stay in northern Slovakia and were able to meet our objectives during our visit. We really appreciated the planning and effort put forth by your travel company to make our stay so educational, interesting, enjoyable and rewarding.


Joanne and Ron D., USA


July 7th, 2008

Dear Ondrej,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind hospitality during our press trip with members of the British media. Thank you for taking the press trip on the excellent adventures around the area, they very much enjoyed the experience. It was a pleasure to work in conjunction with you.

Kindest Regards, Belma V., UK


August 14th, 2008

We really enjoyed the trip. We had a fantastic time. It was a great trip and I want to thank you for the arrangements and the program.... all the hikes were great. Ondrej was a very good guide; he’s a great asset to the company, as I’m sure you already know.
I will certainly recommend your company to anyone wishing to visit Slovakia.

Roula M., USA


October 18th, 2008


It was an awesome day and we all had a great time and enjoyed Ondrej’s expertise along the way. Thank you for sending your best driver.

Bill K., USA


October 15th, 2007

...We would like to give a special thank to you Lucia, for looking after us so well and explaining so many things about your country and especially the High Tatras mountain areas. You certainly know your history, and your love for the mountains and Slovakia is very evident. We really enjoyed the time we spent with you.

Thank you very much,

N. & L. P., England


October 11th, 2007

Dear Ondrej,

Thank you for your leadership, kindness and good humor, but most importantly your friendship.
Until we meet again my friend...
May all the miles along your road be good ones...


Jack, Hawaii, USA


October 15th, 2007


Thank you for making the trip really enjoyable for us. We enjoyed your enthusiasm and good humour. We learned to appreciate Slovak humour - just like Canadian!

Good luck in your future.

Nancy, Canada


November 6th, 2007

We will attempt to give our opinion as to why we felt the Krakow to Budapest tour was one of the best we have taken with ExperiencePlus (www.experienceplus.com).

To us the most important part of a biking tour is the actual biking. In Poland and Slovakia we daily had long uphill climbs with downhill following. This was great biking. Those short steep climbs that we encountered were also great in that they gave us a feeling of accomplishment when we made it to the top of the slope without stopping. There was at least one biking challenge everyday in Poland and Slovakia. Most days had several.
The second thing that makes a bike tour outstanding is the area covered by the tour. The scenery in Slovakia was outstanding. The forests and the meadows were beautiful. The changing of the forest colors from green to fall colors added to the spectacular views.
The third tour ingredient that contributed was the tour leaders. Ondrej and Girolamo make a gold star team. Everything happened as it should. They did their best to make certain that the tour ran smoothly. Ondrej has a vast knowledge of the history, geography, plants and current events concerning Slovakia. We enjoyed the subtle humor of both guides.

Finally the culmination of the tour cannot be topped. Boating up and down the Danube having dinner and enjoying the lighted night sights of Budapest was a super ending to a great tour.

H & C, Utah, USA


October 10th, 2007

Hi Monika,

Just a short note to thank you for a most interesting and enjoyable visit to your country last week. Both Mairead and I really enjoyed the tour you gave us and all the background information. You live in a very nice country! We are planning to visit again in February next and I will keep you informed as, most likely, we will require your services again.
Our very best wishes for the success of your business.

Kind regards,

Gerry, Ireland


October 4th, 2007


Another great tour with you.

We appreciate your sharing your knowledge of Slovakia with us. We enjoyed your subtle humor and your passion for your country. Thanks for all you have done. Your efforts made the trip “A PIECE OF CAKE”.


A.H., Colorado, USA


March 20th, 2005

Dear Ondrej,

A note to thank you for the excellent tour that you give us last week. As you may have noticed, we really enjoyed the Poprad area particularly the Tatras, the delightful Spis towns, the wooden churches, and our excursion to Bardejov. We shall probably return in the near future since there was no opportunity to see the sites in and around the eastern areas.

Hope we meet again, with best regards and good wishes.

Cynthia & Richard, New York City


December 2005


thank you so much for all you did to make our stay in your beautiful country so very special. We were lucky to have you as our guide (and care-taker of us „old folks“). We have taken many tips, but have never had a more knowledgeable, kind and considerate guide. We also enjoyed your sense of humor - do not ever lose that!

Dovidenia and best wishes,

Arnie and Millie, USA


March 16th, 2004

Jarka and Ondrej,

Vielen Dank für einen schönen Tag - Ondrej’ s extensive knowledge of the area, the country, history, its people were presented with humor and patience. All the best for the future.

The Australian „Ski-team“ Gisela, Michael, James and Pam


March 2nd, 2003

Dear Ondrej,

we are writing to thank you for your hospitality and all the help you gave us during our stay in Poprad. It was a truly enjoyable holiday for us and we were glad and fortunate to have met you. You have been most helpful and friendly and you have a very beautiful country. If we have the opportunity we would definitely visit again, and hopefully spend more time there.

Elaine & Rhys, Singapore


January 23th, 2003

Dear Ondrej Hi!

We would like to say thanks for putting in so much effort for the success of our holidays in Slovakia. The same for Jarka and Peter, it was great knowing them.

Ely, Israel


October 3rd, 2002

Thank you for the work done by all of your guides to make our visit to your beautiful country so memorable. Their information and efficiency was very much appreciated by myself personally and I am sure I am also speaking for the whole party. We brought back many memories we will treasure in the years ahead and I am already looking forward to the next time we visit.

Michael, Ireland


September 3rd, 2002

Ondrej and Peter,

You have given us a special feeling for your country and your beloved mountains as well as an opportunity to learn some of your country’ s history. You are your country’s best representatives and we all go away with special feelings from our time spent with both of you and your special Rescue dog, Aaron.

Your Canadian Friends Shirley, Rein, Jay, Isabel, Mick, Jamie


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